Cecilia Essau
University of Roehampton, United Kingdom

PRE-CONGRESS WORKSHOP on 05.09.2018, 09:00-17:00:

CBT plus healthy lifestyle for depression in adolescents

Approximately 15–32% of adolescents in the general population are affected by depression. In addition to being prevalent, depression co-occurs frequently with numerous other mental disorders. When left untreated, depression which begins early in life can become chronic and is often associated with a negative course and outcome. In response to the growing awareness of the significance of the problem associated with depression, various prevention programs for adolescent depression have been developed in recent years. 

This workshop is designed for researchers and clinicians who are interested in depression. It will begin with presentation of findings of recent studies on the prevalence, course, and risk factors of depression. The second section of the workshop will include presentation of “Super Skills for Life [adolescent version]”, a prevention program for depression that is based on the principles of CBT, behavioural activation, and healthy lifestyle management.

Key Learning objectives

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants should have a good knowledge of:

- prevalence, comorbidity, and course and outcome of depression in adolescents

- risk and protective factors of depression

- psychological prevention/intervention programs for adolescent depression

Participants will also have an opportunity to practice the major components of the “Super Skills for Life” [adolescent version].

Training Modalities

The training methods will include didactic teaching, case examples, role plays, exercises, and small group work.

KEYNOTE on 08.09.2018, 12:00-13:00:

Adapting CBT-based interventions for anxiety disorders in children and young people across cultures: Challenges and potentials