About the Congress

The 48th annual Congress of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, September 5-8, 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria, is an exciting four-day long congress that brings not only the European but the international community of cognitive and behavioural therapy professionals together to share knowledge, ideas and awareness of the important issues related to the field. It is a place where people strive to achieve progress and are committed to helping others. Amongst the innovations which we plan to introduce to the EABCT is an emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion, something the Scientific Committee will be strongly encouraging.
The overall scientific theme is “Improving cognitive behavioral therapy and access to it across the lifespan”. Within the programme, we are also seeking to set up subject streams so that those with particular interests can maximize their ability to attend sessions focusing on these. In addition to the usual work on CBT with general adult populations, the streams will be
General Mental Health
Children and Young People
General Psychological Processes and Neuroscience
Behavioural Medicine and Health
This should allow people with these interests to choose to attend higher proportion of sessions from each theme. We are also seeking to promote other areas of particular importance including Trauma, Substance Misuse and problems with Inclusion and Diversity (and how to solve them).
The Bulgarian Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018 and we are delighted by the opportunity to host the 48th EABCT Congress and to share that experience with you all!
Paid in-congress workshops - deadline March 7, 2018
Symposia - new deadline March 15, 2018
Debates / round tables - deadline March 31, 2018
Clinical roundtables - deadline March 31, 2018
Free in-congress workshops - deadline March 31, 2018
Open papers - deadline April 15, 2018
Skill classes / master clinical sessions - deadline April 30, 2018
Poster - deadline April 30, 2018
The registration for the congress will be open March 10, 2018!
One of the important and unique features of the EABCT congress is its capability to cover an entire spectrum of topics into variety of sessions. Also, we seek the EABCT 2018 to be inclusive in terms of diversity in areas such as gender, minorities and so on.
Irina Lazarova
Chair, Congress Organising Committee
Paul Salkovskis and Pavlina Petkova
Co-Chairs, Scientific Committee

Invited speakers so far:
Anita Jansen - Maastricht, University, NL
Arnoud Arntz - University of Amsterdam, NL
Cathy Creswell - University of Reading,UK
Tania Lincoln - Hamburg University, D
Jill Ehrenreich-May - University of Miami, USA
David Clark - University of Oxford, UK
Gerhard Andersson - Linköping University, SE
Shanaya Rathod - Southern Health NHSF Trust, UK
Irina Lazarova - Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, Sofia, BG
Peter Vassilev - National Center for Addictions, Sofia, BG
Georgi Onchev - Medical University of Sofia, BG
Cecilia Essau - Roehampton University, UK
Judith Beck - University of Pennsylvania, USA
Keith Dobson - University of Calgary, CA
Kenneth Laidlaw - University of East Anglia, UK
Maria do Céu Salvador - University of Coimbra, PT
Mehmet Sungur - Marmara University, TR
Paul Gilbert - University of Derby, UK
Paul Salkovskis - University of Bath, UK
Sarah Halligan - University of Bath, UK
Antonio Pinto - University of Bologna, IT
Stefan Hofmann - Boston University, USA
Regina Steil - University of Frankfurt, D
Steven Hollon - Vanderbilt University, USA
Tammie Ronen - University of Tel Aviv, IL
Vanessa Cobham - University of Queensland, AU
Alp Karaosmanoglu - PsikoNET Psychotherapy and Training Center, TR
Richard Bentall - University of Liverpool, UK